Ingredient Deep Dive: Rice Protein


 - By Kailey Bradt

Ingredient Deep Dive: Rice Protein


It is time to take a closer look at our ingredient list and spotlight our favorite plant-based materials that make our formulas not only clean, but also effective. Making an appearance in both our Moondust Hair Wash and Moondust Hair Conditioner, hydrolyzed rice protein is a key conditioning agent in our concentrated formulas, delivering natural benefits that are rich in ritual and in science. 

Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Defined 

Hydrolyzed rice protein is a plant-based, cosmetic-grade protein sourced from (you guessed it) rice. Rich in amino acids, rice protein is a great alternative to keratin, which is typically derived from animals. Although vegan keratin exists, it usually has an unpleasant odor that can be difficult to mask using natural fragrance or use in a completely fragrance-free product. 

Diving deeper, amino acids are naturally found in our bodies and are the foundation for building our essential proteins. Amino acids are a key component in strengthening our muscles, bones, hair, nails, and of course the largest organ in our bodies: our skin. In order to make this protein shower-friendly, we use the hydrolyzed form which allows this ingredient to be water-soluble so that it can be easily used in our transformative just-add-water formulas. Rice proteins have the ability to add body and shine to hair without hair feeling heavy or weighed down, therefore it’s great for all hair types. Rice protein doesn’t typically cause irritation (plus we test this) so it makes this ingredient gentle enough to use on our scalp to moisture our skin there too!

Rice in Beauty Rituals 

Rice protein is used in our Moondust Hair Wash and Moondust Hair Conditioner specifically to add fullness and shine to the hair, without weighing hair down. This ingredient is one of our favorite plant-based proteins and we’re not the only ones- the benefits of rice protein has been used in beauty rituals for quite some time. 

First used as a medicinal crop for healing and tranquility purposes, rice was soon adopted by the women of the Heian Japanese imperial Courts to promote healthy long hair. Rice water was often used by these women when combing their strands to maintain silky smooth hair. Rice protein works to strengthen hair all while maintaining moisture and fullness. This ingredient is truly rooted in history.

Why Our Hair Loves Rice Protein

Technically speaking, our hair is made up primarily of keratin, a protein. Plant-based proteins provide that same strengthening benefit similar to what our essential proteins do to repair and maintain important bodily functions. Rice protein isn’t the only ingredient we use that shares similar properties to components that make up our hair and skin. In our next ingredient deep dive, we elaborate on squalane, highlighting its traditional skin-loving benefits and explaining why it makes a great addition to your hair routine.

Image Source: Photographer, Hannah Thornhill, for Susteau