Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Susteau?

Susteau creates clean, conscious, concentrated haircare inspired by the future. Our science-backed brand is the first to deliver transformative powder-to-liquid formulas that are designed with people and planet in mind. We encourage the practice of rethinking your personal care routine and its impacts. Efficacy meets sustainability with our futureproof haircare.

What does Susteau mean?

The name Susteau is derived from “sustainability” + “eau,” the French word for water. Our brand name encompasses our sustainable approach to water as it relates to beauty, using little to absolutely none at all.

How do you pronounce Susteau?

The name Susteau is pronounced sus-toh.

How many washes can I expect to get from one full sized bottle of Moondust?

1 bottle of Moondust Hair Wash or Conditioner = 4 bottles of 8 fl oz liquid shampoo or conditioner. If you use one tablespoon (half of an ounce) each time you wash your hair, you will get about 60 washes from a single bottle. That’s assuming you get 15 washes from an 8oz bottle of shampoo. If you get more than 15 washes from an 8oz bottle of shampoo, you can assume you’ll get more than 60 washes from a bottle of Hair Wash.

What does the Moondust Collection smell like?

The Moondust fragrance smells fresh & clean with hints of ylang ylang, geranium, black currant & clove. The fragrance was designed specifically for Susteau, so you won’t smell anything else like it. The scent is designed for all humans and isn’t particularly feminine or masculine. The most common descriptor of the fragrance we get is “clean.”

What does the Moondust Collection Unscented smell like?

The Moondust Unscented collection is really just that. It pretty much smells like nothing. Our unscented formulas are free of essential oils and added fragrance ingredients, so you don't need to worry about anything hiding behind the scenes. You can read more about unscented & fragrance free products here on our blog:

What are the fragrance ingredients in the Moondust Collection?

Triethyl Citrate, Tocopherol, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Bud Extract, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Leaf Oil and Eugenol. 

Is the fragrance of Moondust Hair Wash and Moondust Hair Conditioner the same?

Yes, the fragrance of Moondust Hair Wash and Moondust Hair Conditioner are the same, but the scent is stronger in the conditioner.

Which hair types are Susteau’s products good for?

All hair types! ✔ Straight ✔ Wavy ✔ Curly ✔ Coily ✔ Tightly Coiled ✔ Fine to Thick ✔ Chemically treated (color, keratin, relaxer). If you’re following the Curly Girl Method, our ingredients pass the test on Curlsbot.

Are Susteau’s products unisex?

Yes, our products are ungendered and designed for all humans.

Is Susteau vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, our products are both vegan and cruelty-free. All of our products are made without any animal-derived ingredients, and are ingredients and finished products not tested on animals.

Are Susteau products gluten free?

Yes! All our products are gluten free. Susteau does not have a gluten-free certification at this time.

Are Susteau products free of sulfates, parabens and silicones?

Yes, our products are proudly free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones.​

Can I pre-mix the powders with water in the bottle?

No. We don't recommend this. The powder works best being activated between wet hands, then used in wet hair with more water. Mixing water with the powder in the bottle won’t get you a liquid product and over time it would create potential for bacteria, yeast, and mold to grow. ​

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in the United States with domestic and imported ingredients.​

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

It is recommended to avoid certain essential oils during pregnancy. This is one of the reasons we are happy to offer unscented options, which are free of fragrance and essential oils. We recommend consulting your doctor to ensure any products you use are safe to use during pregnancy.

Are your products travel and TSA friendly?

In the United States, the TSA does not allow passengers to bring more than 12 ounces of powder in a carry-on bag. There is no limit for powder in a checked bag in the United States. That said, you could easily travel with our Moondust Duos. You can read more about the TSA policies here.

Do you offer sample sizes of any of your products?

We currently do not have any samples available at this time, but stay tuned. 👀​

Is Susteau developing any other products?

Yes! We are working to bring you the most innovative products on the planet. This means that it will take us a bit longer to launch new products, because they’ve never been done before. Feel free to let us know what products you want to see from us at

What are the benefits of using Hair Wash?

Moondust Hair Wash is powder-to-lather shampoo with a rich, velvety lather that gently cleanses leaving hair soft and full of body without overdrying. It revitalizes and restores hair and scalp, and leaves hair feeling soft and full. It also won’t fade color because it’s sulfate-free. See more on our Moondust Hair Wash page.

How do I use Hair Wash?

Sprinkle a small amount evenly across a wet hand. Rub hands together to activate. Slide through wet hair. Lather. Rinse. No need to repeat, save even more water. Follow with Moondust Hair Conditioner.

If Hair Wash is sulfate-free, does it lather?

Yes! Hair Wash has the most luxurious lather, which you can see in this video. There is a myth that no sulfates equals no lather. That isn't true at all, and Hair Wash proves it. Read how to get the most from your Moondust on our Tips and Tricks page.

How is Hair Wash different from a dry shampoo?

Hair Wash and dry shampoo in a powder format are completely different formulations. Hair Wash is a true shampoo that’s activated with water, and functionally cleans your hair. Dry shampoo can be classified as a styling product that makes your hair look and smell clean, but doesn’t actually clean your hair. You can read more about the differences on our blog here.

What are the benefits of using Conditioner?

Moondust Hair Conditioner is a powder-to-liquid conditioner that will smooth tresses and detangle strands leaving hair manageable and moisturized. It adds and maintains moisture, improves shine and ultimately leaves hair soft and volumized without weighing hair down.

How do I use Conditioner?

After shampooing, sprinkle a small amount evenly across a wet hand. Rub hands together to emulsify. Massage into wet hair from mid-length to ends. Rinse. Tip: We recommend using our crystal blue to comb Moondust Hair Conditioner through hair in the shower.

Are your products sustainable?

Yes. We’ve factored the entire product lifecycle into the development of each of our products and are continuously working towards making even more sustainable revisions. Here are the primary things we consider when creating a new product: Ingredients Manufacturing Distribution Packaging Disposal We get asked a lot about removing the water from our products. We aren’t removing water from the bottle -- we’re never putting it in. It’s a more sustainable approach to reducing waste by decreasing the amount of packaging used, and the size and weight of the shipment!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes. Our packaging is completely recyclable, because our bottle and cap are a monomaterial HDPE (Type 2 plastic), which is widely accepted through curbside recycling programs and has a resale market.

How do I recycle your packaging?

Disassemble. Rinse bottle and cap separately until no powder remains. Let dry and reattach the cap. If curbside recycling is available, you can simply toss your bottle and cap (HDPE) into your bin. If curbside recycling is not available, recycle using Terracycle directly or through one of their collection partners. You can read more about how to properly dispose of cosmetic waste on our blog here.🌎

What is your packaging made of?

Our bottles at Susteau are made up of over 95% recycled ocean-bound plastic. Ocean-bound plastic is exactly what it sounds like. These plastics are considered at risk of entering our oceans or rivers at the coastline and are recovered to be sorted, cleaned, and turned into resin for new use. 100% recycled plastic is rare, because adding a colorant typically makes up 1% to 3% of the final weight of the plastic packaging. Our caps are made of 10% recycled plastic. Having a flip top cap, we needed to maintain the structural integrity of the hinge, therefore 10% is the maximum amount of plastic we could use in order to make sure the cap lasted long enough to use the product inside the bottle. The bottle and cap are both made of HDPE, meaning, you can leave your cap on your bottle to recycle the packaging when you’re done with it.

Where do you source your ocean-bound recycled plastic?

We sources our ocean-bound plastic from our partner, Envision Plastics. You can learn more about Envision Plastics on their website.

Where do you ship to?

Currently our products are only available to pre-order in the United States and Canada on our website. We’re working hard to bring Susteau to the entire planet very soon. 🌎

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free in the US on orders over $50. Otherwise, shipping is calculated based on your location and order weight at checkout.

I have a question about my order. How can I reach you?

Please send an email to with your order number in the subject line.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. We also accept PayPal and AfterPay. Please note that sales tax is required on orders shipped within the state of New York at the local tax rate.

How do I pay with AfterPay?

Click on your cart at the top right corner of your screen, and then click “Checkout.” Enter your contact and shipping information. Select your shipping speed. Click on “Afterpay” under payment. From there, you’ll be redirected to Afterpay’s website to complete your order.

Can I use multiple discount or promo codes?

We only allow the use of one promo code per order, and they can not be combined.

Can I apply a discount or promotion to a past order?

Discounts and promo codes can only be used for a limited time - as described in the specific discount or promotion details - and cannot be applied to past orders.

I never received my discount code after registering my email address.

Be sure to check your promotions and spam folders – these codes are sent automatically when you register your email on our site! If you still have not received a promo code, please reach out to

How do i join Susteau's affiliate program.

Susteau works with the ShareASale affiliate program. You can apply to join our affiliate program by searching “Susteau ” or by our ID# 91972 on the ShareASale website. Susteau is also available on Skimlinks.

How can I get in touch for collaboration, Wholesale or Press opportunities?

Please email us at email with your inquiry in the subject line.

I sent an email – why haven’t I heard back yet?

Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST (although we’re a small startup team that usually works outside of this time, we need breaks too). We try to answer all inquiries within 1-2 business days.