Liquid personal care products, like shampoo and conditioner, typically contain over 80% water.

Going waterless saves more than water in the bottle- energy and materials are saved across the entire supply chain.

Transparency is important to us. Adding a custom color to packaging typically makes up 1% to 3% of the weight. 100% recycled plastic packaging rarely exists.

Our bottles are made with over 95% ocean-bound, recycled plastic.

Behind Susteau

Our brand name encompasses our sustainable approach to water in beauty, using little to none at all.

The name Susteau (sus-toh) is derived from "sustainability" and "eau" the French word for water.

A note from our founder

It was over 5 years ago that I began telling people the future of personal care was waterless. I envisioned smaller bottles that lasted longer & performed just like the luxurious products my stylist would use at the salon. I was told if it was possible, it would have been done by now.

I took my background in chemical engineering and spent two years iterating the formulation on my bedroom floor to create, what today is known as, Moondust Hair Wash.

Susteau’s approach to beauty encourages consumers to rethink what personal care looks like while challenging the industry to be more transparent when it comes to sustainability. This is only the beginning, and we hope you’ll join us in rethinking the routine."