Tips & Tricks

How to #rethinktheroutine

1. Sprinkle a small amount evenly across a wet hand.

Sprinkle across your hands, not all in the same spot, to activate the powder-to-lather transformation in seconds.

2. Rub hands together to activate.

Just a few seconds! Doesn't need to be very long and there is no need to add more water in your hands.

3A (Hair Wash). Slide through wet hair. Lather. Rinse.

Slide Hair Wash all over your scalp before lathering up. Want more lather? Add water to your hair while massaging.

3B (Conditioner). Slide through wet hair from mid lengths to ends. Let sit for 3 minutes. Rinse.

Work into a creamy consistency and comb conditioner from mid length to ends using the crystal blue comb.

Leverage your Lather

No lather? No problem. We'll share how to get what one of our founder's best friends calls "whipped cream head."


Dispensing the powder across your hand allows for the transformation to happen in seconds. Avoid pouring all the powder into the same spot.

If you're not getting any lather, you can try two things. First, add water to your hair while massaging. Still no lather? Try using more hair wash. It can take 2-3 times to figure out how much shampoo to use!

Maximize your Moisture

Powder-to-cream? Yes.


If you can't see the conditioner in your hands, you probably don't have enough. You should see and feel the creaminess of the conditioner before you put it in your hair. It's designed for all hair types so you don't need to worry about the "weighed down" feeling with this formula!

Conditioner doesn't lather! And It's not supposed to. Why? The ingredients in Hair Wash that give you lather are the same ingredients that do the cleaning. Since conditioners primary purpose is to moisturize, you won't see a lather, but you'll feel it detanging your strands as you rinse away.