A Simple Guide to Sustainable Shopping


 - By Kailey Bradt

A Simple Guide to Sustainable Shopping

So you want to shop more sustainably? We get it. We did too. To be honest, it felt a bit overwhelming, so we decided to make a simple to help you make better decisions for the planet.

Step 1, REFUSE: unnecessary purchases

We can consume less by refusing to buy what we don't need. Step one of shopping more sustainable is simply asking yourself...is this a necessary purchase? If the answer is no, then why buy it?

Step 2, REUSE: what you have

Can you use what you already have? Need a vase? Upcycle a glass bottle. Need paper towels? Upcycle an old towel or t-shirt. We can think of 79 ways to reuse a mason jar, but we’ll save that for another post.

Step 3, REDUCE: your purchases

Think long-term to reduce your purchase frequency, plus this saves you $$$ too. Trust us. Use what you have first. When restocking, shop in bulk with minimal packaging. If online shopping, consolidate orders to reduce packaging waste.

Step 4, REPLACE: with better options

Can you shop secondhand? Does a friend have an extra one or one you could borrow? Is there low-waste alternative to replace this item with?

Ideas for Sustainable Swaps

Yeah, we have a few ideas. Here is a guide for swapping goods around your kitchen sink and our founder’s top personal care swaps. Stay tuned for more sustainable swap guides!