Gift Guide: For The Friend Who is Always Taking a Shower Real Quick


 - By Kailey Bradt

Gift Guide: For The Friend Who is Always Taking a Shower Real Quick


Our gift guides are a little different. They’re, well… real, practical, sustainable and a little cheeky. We want to share gifts we love so you can share them with people you love. 

This is our first gift guide of 2021. We’re sharing this one for the friend who we all have that sends that text, “jumping in the shower real quick” and then shows up an hour late. Maybe that friend is… you? Either way, here are some of our favorite gifts for a luxurious shower experience that’s also better for Mother Earth.

Gift Guide: For The Friend Who is Always Taking a Shower Real Quick

Shop Local, Eucalyptus Bundle, ~$5

We don’t have a link for this one, but this is where we say shop local! Find a farmer’s market and pick up your friend who is always rushing around a fresh bundle of eucalyptus to calm her down. There’s really something we love about the relaxing smell of eucalyptus when jumping into a hot shower during the winter.

Tinge, The Body Buffer, $12

We love a shower tool as much as the next person, but beware of plastic in poofs, brushes and sponges! Thankfully, just in time for gifting season this year, Tinge just launched this biodegradable exfoliating cloth made from natural agave fibers. Use it to buff away dead skin cells, enhance circulation, and improve the overall skin texture. Plus, it helps lather up your body wash for some extra suds. Woman owned.

Soft Services, Buffing Bar, $28

Because we love smooth skin, let us introduce you to another body buffing product we’re loving this year- meet the Soft Services Buffing Bar. This body bar offers a weekly moderate-to-intense physical exfoliation using magnesium oxide, a biodegradable buffer. Pair that with shea butter and aloe vera and you’ve got yourself a great shower go-to for getting rid of dry skin during the winter. Comes wrapped in 100% paper and 100% responsibly sourced, FSC-certified paper carton. Woman owned.

Susteau, Moondust Hair Wash, $29

This Allure Best of Beauty Winner offers the most luxurious lather of any shampoo we’ve ever experienced. This concentrated shampoo is an innovative powder-to-lather formula that gently cleanses without overdrying. Designed for all hair types with aloe vera and rice protein, this shampoo leaves hair soft and full of body. You’ll notice a difference in your hair after only one wash. Woman owned.

Bathing Culture, Mind and Body Wash, $35

Showing up to the shower in an adorable refillable glass bottle, this body wash is a concentrated formula- which you know we support. It features some of our favorite ingredients like aloe vera and guar gum, both of which you’ll find in Moondust Hair Wash. Even better, the formula is biodegradable too.

Oui The People, THE SINGLE: Limited Edition Matte Black Sensitive Skin Razor, $75

This razor is a single blade, yet provides a close shave without tugging on every single hair. No razor burn. Just a beautiful razor chillen in your shower- forever. This razor lasts a lifetime. + comes with a 10 blades. Woman owned.

Fur, Fur Trimmer, $89

In the case that you want to be able to shave bare and trim over there with a single tool, Fur dropped this trimmer this year! It’s cordless and water-resistant, has four trimmer lengths, and a unique 3-blade system. Also designed to avoid razor burn for sensitive skin. A splurge, but a great gift (or wishlist item). Woman owned.

We’ll be dropping more gift guides throughout the next week or so, so stay tuned!


Team Susteau 

Image: Don Nixon for Susteau