Gift Guide: For The Friend Who Escapes the City on the Weekends


 - By Kailey Bradt

Gift Guide: For The Friend Who Escapes the City on the Weekends


Our gift guides are a little different. They’re, well… real, practical, sustainable and a little cheeky. We want to share gifts we love so you can share them with people you love. 

We’re sharing this one for the friend who is long out of the city by Friday at 4pm. They’re on the road, music blasting, on their way to some sort of cool, modern cabin with their closest friends. You won’t hear from them until Monday if you’re not there with them. Instagram? They don’t know her.

Gift Guide: For The Friend Who Escapes the City on the Weekends 

PATCH, Aloe Vera Bamboo Bandages, $7

Looking to reduce waste even in your first aid kit? These bandages are made from bamboo with soothing aloe vera and are completely biodegradable. This company is a B Corp too!

Stojo, 16oz Collapsible Cup, $20

These collapsible cups are where convenient meets cute. Our whole team loves Stojo cups for hot, cold or even room temp beverages of all kinds. They're made of a super easy-to-clean silicone and they're great to keep stashed in a bag without taking up too much space.

Everyday Humans, Germ Buster Trio, $21

This germ-zapping sanitizer cleans hands and, as a bonus, refreshes face masks. When you can’t wash, just spray. This black tea scent will have you reaching for another spritz to smell the blend of geranium, sage & lavender. With aloe and green tea, your hands will be left moisturized. Woman owned.

Upstate Stock, Melange Ragg Wool Beanie, $32 

These adorable hats will keep you warm at over 85% wool. This hat is made to last hand knit in Upstate New York and finished in Brooklyn.

Susteau, Futureproof Sweatshirt, $39

This cozy sweatshirt made of cotton blended with recycled plastic bottles is perfect for a car ride, cuddling up on the couch or keeping warm at the farmer’s market. Available in S, M L, XL, XXL. A Team Susteau fav. There’s a good chance you’ve seen our entire team on our social in this. Woman owned.

Cadence, Get Outside Bundle, $42

If you haven't tried The Capsule from Cadence, you're missing out. One holds approximately 1-2 weeks’ worth of skincare staples. They're leakproof. They've got magnets so you don't lose the tops and they bundle together. 1 capsule = 1 travel sized bottle’s worth of plastic removed from beaches, because they’re made with 20% ocean-bound plastic and 30% reused scrap plastic. Woman owned.

Rumpl, Original Puffy Blanket, $99

This blanket is made with 100% recycled content. There are so many great colors & patterns to choose from. We’re loving the ocean fade color, because one, it’s beautiful and two, every purchase of this blanket gives to Save The Waves Coalition. This company is a B Corp too!

We’ll be dropping more gift guides, so stay tuned!


Team Susteau 

Photo Source: Susteau