How to Get the Most Out of Moondust Hair Wash


 - By Kailey Bradt

How to Get the Most Out of Moondust Hair Wash


You’ve used up your liquid products, and have decided to upgrade to Moondust Hair Wash. Welcome! We’re so happy you’ve chosen to #rethinktheroutine with us! The switch from your liquid shampoo to a waterless format can be a new experience, so we're here to make yours one that will have you wondering why you didn’t go waterless sooner. We have put together a step-by-step guide with our favorite tips & tricks so you can get the most out of Moondust Hair Wash. 

1. Wet Your Hair

When it's time to wash your hair, simply start by wetting your hair. Remember, your liquid shampoo is usually 80% water, so your hair doesn't need to be as wet to use it as with a waterless formula. The water in your hair is going to boost your lather when you add the powder shampoo, so make sure it’s fully saturated all the way to your scalp.

2. Sprinkle 

Flip open the cap and sprinkle the powder formula across your wet hand. You don’t need to add a pool of water in your hand, just wet hands in the shower work fine! If you only need a small amount of powder, you can focus the pour on your fingertips versus your palm. You’ll want to avoid pouring the powder into one spot. The thinner the layer, the more quickly your lather can fully activate. You only need to rub the powder in your hands for a few seconds to activate. It shouldn’t take longer than what you’re used to doing to spread your liquid shampoo across your hands. Not sure how much to use? Haircare is personal, so it may take two to three washes before you find the right amount for you.

3. Slide 

This step is key if you’ve got a lot of hair. Slide the product all over your scalp, before working the product in. If you have a lot of hair, another tip is to part your hair into sections to concentrate the product even more before going in for the lather. 

4. Lather 

Disclaimer: this is everyone’s favorite part... especially the first time. One of our founder’s best friends describes the Moondust Hair Wash experience as “turning into a whipped cream head.” When she heard that, she knew the formula was just right.

Now, how to maximize the most exciting part of a waterless experience, the lather! Transform the powder into a rich, velvety lather within seconds by massaging the formula into your scalp. Not getting a lather on the first try? No problem, try the following:

Method 1: While massaging, try adding more water to maximize the volume of the product in your hair. 

Method 2: Before reaching for the bottle again, continue to rub your hands together. The moisture in your hands combined with the leftover product can magically activate more product. A little bit goes a long way, so you may not be able to see it on your hands.

Method 3: Still no lather? Sprinkle more powder into your hands and activate. As mentioned before, it can take 2-3 washes to get your hair wash routine just right for your hair. Moondust is formulated for all hair types, so don’t worry if you have to go back and use more product to achieve that lather. 

5. Rinse

The formula is an easy-to-rinse (water-saving) shampoo that will leave your hair clean without overdrying. Need more moisture? Follow it up with our Eco Beauty Award-winning Moondust Hair Conditioner.

If you prefer more visuals, we’ve uploaded easy-to-follow video tutorials here that you can reference. We are excited for you to #rethinktheroutine with us!

Image Source: Don Nixon for Susteau