Change in 1 wash.

Why go waterless?


Simply put, we use effective ingredients in safe percentages that won't harm you or Mother Earth.


We think about our planet every step of developing a product, from ingredient origin to packaging disposal.


You get more for less. Together we're doing better for the environment and your hair, one bottle at a time.

“The best surprise? How creamy and moisturizing it is.”
"The powder shampoo is essentially a shape-shifter... suddenly you've got a creamy formula that rinses clean and leaves hair soft and fluffy."
“Yes, Waterless Shampoo Exists — & It’s Revolutionizing Sustainable Hair Care”
“Small Brands Are Shaping the Future of Sustainability in Beauty”
“Water-free beauty is the new way to make your routine more sustainable.”
Moondust Hair Wash

Moondust Hair Wash

Crystal Blue Clip with a claw design and strong hold for all hair types.

Crystal Blue Clip

Moondust Hair Wash Unscented

Moondust Hair Wash Unscented

This recycled acetate comb is made up of over 95% recycled material. The wide-tooth design makes it ideal for wet hair or dry strands. Made for all humans with hair.

Crystal Blue Comb

Liquid shampoo and conditioner are made up of over 80% water. We're setting out to #rethinktheroutine.

1 Bottle of Susteau is the equivalent of 4 bottles of an 8oz liquid bottle

Always clean, vegan
& cruelty free.

Haircare, reimagined.

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What we've heard from you.👀

So blown away by how well these products work. It's so fun to use and actually delivers on results. The fact that they have raised the bar for sustainability makes me love it that much more!


The Moondust Duo leaves my normally frizzy and unruly hair ultra clean, bouncy and shiny. I get the big voluminous hair I love without the frizz.

Tai A.

It’s so hard to find shampoo that won’t dry out my curls but this one actually made them feel more hydrated. My hair was so silky after using it which made styling much easier.


It's taken me awhile to write this review, but I wanted to get a gauge on how many washes I could get out of this one bottle. Half way through the bottle and I had done 55 lather and rinses. (I have medium textured, long hair [falls just above my waist.) A little goes a long way and this has been well worth the money.

Happy T.

Love Moondust. My hair looks and feels amazing. It is the best hair care product I have used in forever! Definitely changed my hair routine!

Sara R.

Love this mystical little bottle! Get the lather I desire and works well through my thick hair. A little goes a long way!


I LOVE this hair wash! I was skeptical because my hair is so picky. I think this is my new favorite shampoo.

Jordan L.

I have very oily hair and for some reason nothing really ever feels like my hair is clean but the formula in this bottle is FANTASTIC. This is a NEED.